Mobile Signal Repeater & Booster


900MHz GSM Repeater
1800MHz DCS Repeater
   800MHz CDMA Repeater
1900MHz PCS Repeater
2100MHz UMTS (W-CDMA) Repeater
700MHz / 2600MHz LTE Repeater
Multi-band Repeater
WiFi Amplifier & Repeater
Installation Accessories


The mobile phone signal repeater provides the ultimate solution in any area where mobile communications can not work well due to weak signal. The repeater can also improve indoor electromagnetism environments, protract cellular battery life and reduce radiation of mobile phone.
The repeater kit has been successfully and easily installed in all types of application areas including homes, basements, offices, bars, warehouses and larger buildings. The installation process involves placement of the external signal antenna, which captures the signal and provides input to the repeater amplifier. The amplifier increases the signal strength before re-broadcasting a clear and powerful signal inside.





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